Award recipients of the 2021 Carter Wosk Award in Applied Art + Design to be announced

October 18 marks the day the 2021 awardees of the Carter Wosk Award in Applied Art and Design (AAD) program will be announced. The AAD program is unique in that it celebrates an often-ignored field of design. Applied artists and designers create works that have a practical or functional application while offering so much more through their design aesthetic.

“The world of art and design is extremely saturated and at times, it is hard to stand out. With social media and everything being digital there are a lot of copycats. To be recognized for the dedication we put into original design, attention to detail, and innovation brings us to the forefront and gives credibility to the work we have achieved.” Karen Konzuk, 2020 Awardee

These details and originality in the nominations for the 2021 Award did not go unnoticed by this year’s independent jury. Jurors noted the beauty of the work presented, the technical skill required to execute the piece, the diversity of pieces and the artistry and handwork that goes into the work.

Supporting artists, designers and makers, the AAD award program works in partnership with organizations such as Crafted Vancouver, in advancing craftsmanship and creativity. The partnership also serves as an opportunity to share the works of BC Achievement art awardees with a new audience while collectively elevating the province as a hub for craft and those who practice it.

The AAD program shines a light on functional art which enhances day-to-day life for individuals while enriching our collective experiences. It also celebrates British Columbians whose work directly contributes to the cultural and economic fabric of the province and drives innovation in functional art.

BC Achievement will be shining a light on the 2021 AAD awardees through a digital campaign and films celebrating the recipients. Join us and watch for the announcement of the 2021 Carter Wosk Award in Applied Art + Design on October 18 on BC Achievement’s website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn channels!

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