2021 Fulmer Award in First Nations Art recipients to be named

After a summer receiving and processing outstanding submissions to the Fulmer Award in First Nations Art (FNA) Award program, it is time to share the achievement of these artists with all of BC. On October 12, the awardees of the FNA program will be named including the recipient of the Crabtree McLennan Emerging Artist Award as well as the distinguished Award of Distinction for lifetime achievement.

Since 2006, the FNA program has celebrated the intersection of art and culture, while honouring First Nations artistic traditions. The program recognizes artistic excellence in traditional or contemporary visual arts by First Nations artists and aims to create an authentic space for community engagement, mentorship and storytelling. In this space traditions are passed onto younger generations and shared with a BC-wide audience. So far, the program has shone a light on 85 outstanding artists.

“Holding up artists that have worked for years to become standard bearers is important in the perpetuation of excellence in the traditional arts. New upcoming artists can see in the award honouree’s art and life work what standards to strive for. This can only help in upholding artistic excellence for the cultural practice of the arts in British Columbia and beyond.” Evelyn Vanderhoop, 2020 Award of Distinction

Highlighting the artistic skills of First Nations artists helps to advance the collective conversation around art in this province and serves as a platform to share cultural history with fellow citizens.

“It’s important that our generation continues to put them (poles) up…these things bring us forward and makes a statement that we are still here.”  Jaalen Edenshaw, 2020 Awardee

BC Achievement will be shining a light on the 2021 FNA Awardees through a digital campaign and films celebrating each of the recipients. We would like to express our gratitude to The Fulmer Foundation for its generous support of the First Nations Art program.

Watch for the announcement of the 2021 First Nations Art Awardees on October 12 on BC Achievement’s website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn channels!

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