Nominate an artist for the Fulmer Award in First Nations Art – open until July 7th!

It’s the final week to nominate a deserving artist for the Fulmer Award. Nominations can be submitted up to the end of day July 7. 

The Fulmer Award in First Nations Art celebrates artistic excellence in traditional or contemporary visual arts by First Nations artists. If you are a First Nations Artist who has lived in BC for at least the last three years you could qualify. 

Did you know that you can nominate yourself for this award?

Third party nominations and self-nominations are both eligible. The form is online here and is relatively straightforward. Just make sure you have an Artist Statement, and images of the artwork and contact information ready to upload. A resumé is a bonus, but not required, same goes for reference letters.  

Want some tips on filling out the online form? 

When writing the Artist’s Statement, use the space to tell your story and describe how and why your work should be considered for the award. Expand on what makes your work unique and interesting, how it contributes to the cultural economy of BC, who or what has influenced you, and why the jury should select your submission above the others. You can write about who has influenced you, how your work has the respect of your peers and/or how you’ve mentored others. 

When deciding which ten images to include in your submission, think about this: 

Key advice for the images is to ensure they show your art in the best light possible. No pun intended — the lighting must be good and sharpen your images to show off all the details of your hard work. Even if you work in different mediums, include images that reveal your signature style. And if you have images from earlier in your career add them to show how your work has evolved. Add, titles, dates, and descriptions right in the form. 

Highlighting the artistic skills of First Nations Artists in our communities helps to advance the collective conversation around art in BC, and serves as a platform to share cultural history with fellow British Columbians. 
Be part of it! #nominatenowbc 

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