Champions who Nominate: Thank you for leading the way

Recently, two of BC Achievement’s award programs closed their respective call for nominations with outstanding participation from nominators throughout the province. The British Columbia Reconciliation Award closed its call for nominations on January 15th and the Community Award followed two weeks later on January 31st. Without the hard work of champions who take the time to put forth a nomination, complete the online form, request and gather letters of support, these important community narratives would not be told, shared or celebrated. So firstly, a huge thank you to nominators who help fuel the inspiration to build stronger communities!   

It’s important to elevate excellence through nominations for award programs – it raises awareness of the powerful things happening in our communities and sets the path for innovation, change and leadership. Nominating an individual, artists, organizations or businesses for an award, showcases their creative initiative, their dedicated commitment to their practice, their tenacity and their excellence in their chosen field. Nominating is a great way to demonstrate respect and gratitude for someone who achieves excellence in their endeavours and whose story can inspire others through this recognition. 

What are the benefits of a successful nomination to an awardee? Most importantly, it helps raise the profile of the awardee and the community they serve. It reinforces that the awardee is on the right path and it helps validate all the efforts they’ve put into their chosen field as being worthwhile. A successful nomination also helps share experiences with others in the field, creating role models and establishing platforms for change while bringing people together over common interests and passions.

By recognizing the accomplishments of our province’s entrepreneurs, artists, community leaders, youth and volunteers, BC Achievement’s award programs pay tribute to exceptional people, doing exceptional work. Recognition serves as a tool that can contribute to growth and development of individuals, communities and organizations throughout the province. 

Thank you to the nominators, the champions, who put in the time  to support the work of the leaders, volunteers, makers, organizers, and doers. This province is a better place to live because of your efforts and we thank you for leading the way! 

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