In the words of Lolly Bennett, 2017 Community Award recipient

Ellen Woodsworth (left), 2019 Mitchell Awardee & Lolly Bennett (right), 2017 Community Awardee and 2019-2020 Jury Member

I have volunteered in my community for approximately 25 years. I didn’t feel compelled to, nor self-pressured to, nor was it a conscious duty, I met a group of energetic and passionate women who promoted education for women and girls. A Foundation recognized women helping women, the fundamental rights of all women. And so my journey began. 

Over the years, I have witnessed, many times, the immediate result of acknowledgement, a type of joy from being recognized, a pleasure so powerful, it lights up a room. Certificates, scrolls, trophies, given to the prominent business person or the eight-year-old in the bowling alley, same joy, same powerful reaction: ‘home town proud’. 

When I received “the” call from BC Achievement Executive Director, Cathryn Wilson, I know exactly where I was and what I was doing. What I am not able to articulate is the range of emotions simultaneously flooding my mind. I was overwhelmed, elated for sure, but overwhelmed and not quite sure where to go with it all. I finally settled down and came to grips, what an honour for me, I felt so proud of myself, but not quite sure what I did to deserve such recognition. 

The award presentation was grand – a pivotal moment. Listening to the accolades describing my fellow recipients, I was astounded at what I didn’t know! The many awardees, past recipients, outstanding accomplishments that profile an unwavering dedication to the improvement and betterment of their communities.  In each case that someone took the time to nominate, they recognized an exceptional effort and lifted them up as examples to others. 

I am now an ambassador, and wholeheartedly believe that my award is a gift that keeps on giving. The BC Achievement Community Award program is open to everyone! Look around you, our communities are abundant with individuals worthy of this prestigious award. Get involved and nominate, I assure you, the resulting joy will be palpable. 

The 2021 Community Award is open for nominations at  #nominatenowbc 

Lolly Bennett, 2017 Recipient Current Chair: National Congress of Black Women Foundation 

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