Gordon Hutchens, Award of Distinction Laureate 2019

Here at BC Achievement we deliver award programs recognizing the spirit of excellence demonstrated by the people of this province. Since our inception in 2003, hundreds of worthy artists, designers, entrepreneurs, volunteers, leaders and innovators have been elevated and celebrated for their achievements. All in keeping with our mission to honour excellence and inspire achievement throughout British Columbia.

Within and amongst these amazing individuals, there are those who are singled out for their exceptional contributions during a lifetime of achievement, these fine folks are recognized as Award of Distinction laureates.

Gordon Hutchens, ceramist, was awarded this designation for the 2019 Carter Wosk Award in Applied Art + Design, and he is, by definition, a perfect exemplar of this award. Gordon is an accomplished artist with a comprehensive body of work, an established career and an international reputation. Gordon’s outstanding work has helped bring recognition to both his craft and the province.

Renowned for the depth and diversity of his glazes and refined forms, Gordon has inspired a generation of ceramists. To quote from the website Fired Up: Contemporary Works in Clay, the website for a select group of BC ceramic artists begun by Robin Hopper: “Gordon’s work shows a long developing exploration of form, texture and colour. He mixes together natural minerals and chemical elements and through the art of complex firings, where subtle nuances in the character of the flame can make a dramatic difference, he brings these glazes to life. Here is an expression of balance, not just physical, but the balance between control and spontaneity, traditional and contemporary, technique and creative thought.”

Living on Denman Island surrounded by the natural landscape, Gordon finds beauty all around him. “I get sustenance from the natural world; it helps feed my work and is part of my inspiration. The ocean, the rocks along the shoreline, the changing weather, the forest, the moss growing on the trees, lichens growing on the rocks” – all are unique components of his muse.

As well as working as a potter, Gordon finds ways to mentor others and share his talent and passion for the craft. Gordon teaches ceramics at North Island College in Courtenay, BC and is a regular instructor at Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts. He’s also exhibited his work across Canada, the US and in Japan. And he’s often at Circle Craft market in Vancouver, selling his pieces or demonstrating his skill at the pottery wheel.

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