Nominate Now for the Fulmer Award in First Nations Art and Elevate Excellence, Share Success, Inspire Change

The Fulmer Award celebrates the intersection of art and culture, while honouring First Nations artistic traditions from throughout the province. 

Richard Adkins, Haida Nation, 2018 Fulmer Awardee, shared his thoughts on why honouring First Nations art is so meaningful: 

“I think what’s happening tonight for me and for my family is something that is very important. This would not have happened for me when I was 13 years old – it was a different world. What we did wasn’t appreciated at all. This is positive. What’s happening is very important. My sisters and my mother are down here, along with one of my nieces and all are very proud of me. They are going to go home with this story and they are going to talk about this to my nieces and nephews and grandnieces and grandnephews. I never had any children, this story about what their uncle did is going to have a profound effect on these little native children. They are going to think about what I did (although I am not affected by it) but in their little minds they are going to be thinking – this is what is expected of me. This is important. This change is important.” 

The annual program is designed for artists from BC First Nations who have demonstrated a commitment to their art practice, have accumulated a body of work, and who are recognized in their communities as artists. Nominate now and elevate excellence – nominations close on August 2, 2020.

“When we create art it’s every part of our spirit…it’s healing, and it’s teaching me the values that we once carried strong within us, like patience and innovation.” 

Doreen Manuel, 2019 Fulmer Award in First Nations Art Awardee 


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