Nominations open for the 2020 Indigenous Business Award program! #nominatenowbc

Nominations open today for the 2020 Indigenous Business Award (IBA) program! Consulting with its many stakeholders, BC Achievement has heard one resounding response that now, more than ever, is the time to shine the light on ‘what is possible and what is positive’ for Indigenous entrepreneurs.   

Alumni, such as Nene Kraneveldt (2019 Awardee), have shared their experiences and underlined that the ‘opportunity to stand shoulder to shoulder with individuals, families along with communities and Nations with a goal to inspire’ is key at this time and all are encouraged to nominate businesses for this year’s award program. We’ve heard many stories of resilience during these challenging times and look forward to receiving more within the context of the nomination process. 

As the province continues reopening with phase two of COVID, businesses are adapting or pausing their practices and this year’s nomination process encourages that these approaches be noted. Nominees and nominators have told us that the simple task of sitting down to complete the nomination form provides the enormous side benefit of taking stock of the successes and challenges of running a business and that alone is such a valuable undertaking. 

The IBA nomination process creates the space for Indigenous entrepreneurs to share their dreams, their hard lessons and, give a new definition to what success means in their world. Indigenous businesses feel that giving back to their communities is the driving force for their business success. This unique aspect of Indigenous entrepreneurship is celebrated as part of the program’s mission. 

Be part of it and share these stories of building resilience in business excellence by nominating worthy Indigenous businesses for the 2020 program. BC Achievement staff is eager and ready to assist you and together, work through the process. It’s time to #nominatenowbc.   

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