Tips on submitting a strong nomination #nominatenowbc

Online nominations open this month for three of BC Achievement’s award programs. Do you or someone you know, fit any of these categories? If so, nominate now!  

Indigenous Business Award – Elevates excellence within Indigenous-owned businesses 

Fulmer Award in First Nations Art – Celebrates artistic excellence in traditional and contemporary visual arts by First Nations artists. 

Carter Wosk Award in Applied Art + Design – Honours excellence in functional art and design  

Here are some tips to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward when it comes to completing the nomination form.  

How do you write an effective Artist’s Statement as required by the Carter Wosk and Fulmer awards?  

This is your chance to tell your story and describe how and why your work should be considered for the award. Expand on what makes your work unique and interesting, how it contributes to the cultural economy of BC, who or what has influenced you, and why the jury should select your submission above the others. You can write about who has influenced you, how your work has the respect of your peers and/or how you’ve mentored others. 

What makes for a compelling resumé?  

The most important thing is to make sure it’s up-to-date! Don’t forget to add your accomplishments, the galleries and/or associations you’re connected with and how long you’ve been involved with your practice, business and/or art. 

What kind of images are required? 

A picture tells a thousand words so make sure your images tell the story. The best advice for images is to ensure they show your art in the best light possible. No pun intended- the lighting must be good and sharpen your images to show off all the details of your hard work. Even if you work in different mediums, include images that reveal your signature style. And if you have images from earlier in your career add them to show how your work has evolved. 

Why include your business story?  

If your nomination is for the Indigenous Business Award, your story is important to share. The jury will want to know about your successes, your challenges and the benefits you offer to you employees and local community. Given the challenges COVID-19 has imposed on most BC businesses, feel free to talk about how your business has been affected. 

Watch for these Nomination Dates 

Online nominations for the Indigenous Business Award program open on June 15, 2020. Followed by the Fulmer Award in First Nations Art opening online on June 22, and the Carter Wosk Award in Applied Art + Design on June 29! Check online and Nominate! You can find more helpful tips on submitting a compelling nomination here

Be part of it  

Elevate excellence in BC and nominate a deserving individual or business for one of these awards. Together we will hold each other up and inspire achievement through recognition. #nominatenowbc 

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