Strengthening our communities through collaboration

While our worlds may feel smaller since we are staying at home and maintaining limited social circles, in some ways, professional worlds are getting bigger.

We have seen growing collaborations between businesses to collectively solve problems. For example, Mustang Survival and Arc’teryx joined forces to create protective gowns for frontline healthcare workers. These two companies, awardees of the Carter Wosk Award in Applied Art + Design, came together to find an innovative solution using each of their skill sets, experience and passion to serve their communities.

Relationships between like-minded organizations have become strengthened as they strive towards helping their constituents. The Community Response Fund was launched by four partners with a long history of building strong communities: Vancouver Foundation, Vancity, United Way Lower Mainland, and the City of Vancouver. These organizations have rallied together to support to help communities in the short term and to build resiliency to help communities and economies thrive.

In the same light BC Achievement is collaborating with Small Business BC to share the stories of Indigenous businesses and to encourage locals to support these entrepreneurs as they work hard to continue to run their services and sell their products. Check out Small Business Marketplace to find out more about how you can post your business with this resource.

One of the things we’ve discovered is that collaborations are happening more often, but that they’re happening more quickly. It seems like everyone has time for a phone call as we’re experiencing more open slots in our schedules. This pronounced pause we’re experiencing has given us the time, space and incentive to join forces for a common good – and in doing so, strengthen our communities.

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