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The highlight of the presentation ceremony is the introduction of the authors by distinguished individuals.

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Jan Whitford of JLW Publishing, Canadian literary and publishing veteran introduced Patrick Lane's book There is a Season.

I came to Patrick Lane's extraordinary book fresh, like any other reader, armed with the knowledge imparted by stellar reviews and some great word of mouth. I was relatively new to McClelland & Stewart and determined to catch up on my reading of recent titles.

Decpetively simple, there is a season is a diary of a year in the life of a garden and the man who tends to it. As he recovers from 45 years of alcohol and drug addiction, he turns to his garden for solace and, in doing so finally faces the memories that haunt him. Vivid scenes of growing up hardscrabble in the interior of BC are interwoven with an aching awareness of the natural world. The slow steps of healing are acharted in the passing of the seasons. Haunting and beautiful, this book is as transformational to its reader as I believe it was for its author.

I was unprepared for my reaction to immersion into Patrick's world of language, flowers, hurt and healing. I immediately entered a world of enchantment - a true enchantment full of knowledge of the price and pain of magic. To walk with Patrick through the nights and mornings of his garden full of life and memory is to recall what is truly important - not the business of everyday life but the immanence of nature and the power of love to permit redemption. This is the world of John Donne and its like is not given to us very often.
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