2017 Finalist

Alexandra Shimo

Invisible North: The Search for Answers on a Troubled Reserve

Invisible North: The Search for Answers on a Troubled Reserveby Alexandra Shimo

When freelance journalist Alexandra Shimo arrives in Kashechewan, a fly-in, Northern Ontario reserve, to investigate rumours of a fabricated water crisis and document its deplorable living conditions, she finds herself drawn into the troubles of the reserve. Unable to cope with the desperate conditions, she begins to fall apart.

A moving tribute to the power of hope and resilience, Invisible North is an intimate portrait of a place that pushes everyone to their limits. Part memoir, part history of the Canadian reserves, Shimo o ers an expansive exploration and unorthodox take on many of the First Nation issues that dominate the news today, including the suicide crises, murdered and missing indigenous women and girls, treaty rights, sovereignty, and deep poverty.

Alexandra Shimo is a broadcaster and former editor at Macleanís. An award-winning journalist, she is the co-author of Up Ghost River, winner of the CBC Bookie and Speakerís Book Awards for non-fiction. She lives in Toronto.

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