2011 Finalist

Stevie Cameron

On the Farm: Robert William Pickton and the Tragic Story of Vancouver's Missing Women

On the Farm: Robert William Pickton and the Tragic Story of Vancouverby Stevie Cameron

The story of Robert William Pickton and his chilling slaughter of scores of “missing” Vancouver women went unnoticed for so long that it became, beyond a gruesome murder case and the longest and most expensive criminal investigation ever conducted in Canada, a trial that put police authorities on trial for their seeming disinterest in the city's less fortunate.

In On the Farm, Stevie Cameron, one of the best investigative journalists in the country, has applied her keen mind and scrutiny to the Pickton case and fashioned a masterly narrative that brings not only the lives of the victims and sleuthing of investigators to the fore, but also the perpetrator's upbringing-a strange, Deliverance-like childhood that seems of another world. Indeed, there are all sorts of ways in which, without this book, Canadians might have been able to relegate this terrible and upsetting story to another world-and leave it there, rendering the women “missing” a second time. Cameron's book has prevented this.

BC Award for Non Fiction
Stevie Cameron at the presentation ceremony, January 31, 2011.
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