FAQs…Frequently Asked Questions

Mid-April - Call for Nominations Formal Launch
June 28 - Nomination Deadline
Mid August - Jury Panel Convenes
Early September - Awardees Announced
Mid-October 2019 - Gala Presentation

1 Q. What is the definition of a business?
A. A business is an entity designed to provide goods and/or services to consumers.

2 Q. What is the definition of a business partnership?
A. A business partnership is an entity formed between two or more parties to undertake economic activity together. The parties agree to create a new entity by contributing equity, and they then share in the revenues, expenses and control of the enterprise.

3 Q. Can you or your business be nominated in more than one category?
A. No, you or your business can only be nominated in one category. Entries should choose the category that best represents and highlights their successes.

4 Q. Does a certain percentage of a business have to be Indigenous-owned?
A. Yes, businesses must be at least 51% Indigenous-owned and operated. Business partnerships in which the second partner is non-Indigenous must be at least 50% Indigenous-owned. And community-owned businesses must be 100% owned by the community.

5 Q. Does the business have to be registered?
A. No, but the business must provide goods and/or services to consumers.

6 Q. If I am 35 years old, can I enter the Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Award category?
A. You must be 35 years of age or under by June 28, 2019. However, you are free to apply to any other business category as long as you have been in business for a minimum of two years.

7 Q. Can I send in the nomination package by mail?
A. No, we cannot accept a mailed-in nomination package. Please complete the online form found on our website. If you require assistance, please contact our office and we will be happy to help.

8 Q. Can I save any information I enter into the online nomination form and complete it at a later date?
A. No, the system will not allow you to save a partially completed form. It may be helpful to construct your package in a Word document which we can provide and, when all materials are ready, cut/paste into the online form.

9 Q. Is there a fee for entering?
A. No, there is no fee for entering.

10 Q. When will awardees be notified?
A. The awardees will be announced in September.

11 Q. Where will the names of the awardees be published?
A. Names of the awardees will appear on the British Columbia Achievement Foundation website and distributed to the provincial media.

12 Q. When identifying the number "persons" the business enterprise employs, and selecting the category under Business of the Year which is dependent on employee numbers, should occasional employees be included in the total?
A. No. Please identify full or part-time permanent staff only. If there are times that you increase the number of employees for short periods of time this can be included in the description of your business activities, but should not be included in employee numbers.

13 Q. If I have already been an awardee in a previous year, may I reapply?
A. An awardee must wait five years before reapplying unless the nature of the business has significantly changed.

14 Q. If a business is wholly owned by the community (100%), can it be nominated under the Business of the Year Category?
A. No, it cannot. A wholly owned community enterprise must be nominated under the Community-Owned Business Category.

15 Q. Can a social enterprise be nominated?
A. Yes, if it meets all the eligibility criteria.

16 Q. How long will my nomination be kept active?
A. Your nomination will be kept active for two years following your initial application (i.e. Nomination packages are reviewed a total of 3 times by the jury before their cycle is completed).

Tips on Completing a Nomination

Step 1: Fill out your Nomination Form completely.

Step 2: Provide a solid description of the business:

Purpose of the business:
  • What is your business all about? What is its goal and mission? What are the great or unique things about your business that you want to highlight?

Ownership structure:
  • Who owns and manages the business?

  • Number of Indigenous and non-Indigenous employees
  • Only include full and part-time employees (not casual or seasonal workers please)

Revenue information:
  • Please use this form
  • The form needs to be signed by whoever is responsible for completing and submitting financial statements to CRA for your business (ie. CFO, accountant, auditor)
  • You can upload the form as part of your nomination package on our website

Further information about the business:
  • Successes: you will be asked to describe business achievements and highlights
  • Challenges: describe difficulties faced and overcome
  • Benefits: describe benefits offered to your employees, community and the environment
  • Website address
  • Include any contribution the business makes to improve the well being of the community

Reference Letters:
  • You will be asked to upload two reference letters from individuals who can describe the impact and value of the business
  • These are a great way for the jury to learn more about your business – try to choose carefully who you ask to write them for you!

Supporting Documents:
  • You can provide up to five supporting documents about your business
  • These can include, but are not limited to, testimonials, certificates, media coverage, and/or career resume
  • Have a video you want the jury to see?
    • Provide us with the link on the nomination form and they will check it out.

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