FAQs…Frequently Asked Questions

1 Q. Has the name of the award been changed?
A. Yes, in the winter of 2018, the name was changed from the BC Creative Achievement Awards for First Nations Art to The Fulmer Award in First Nations art in recognition of generous support of the Fulmer Foundation.

2 Q. Is this award similar to a grant?
A. No, this award is a juried competition based on visuals of work submitted.

3 Q. If I am a part-time artist am I eligible?
A. If you are a committed artist who has produced a significant body of work and are recognized by your community and peers as an artist you are eligible.

4 Q. If I enter more than one piece of work, may I send ten visuals of EACH piece?
A. No, you may submit a total of ten visuals.

5 Q. If I am a Canadian First Nation living and working in BC am I eligible to apply?
A. No, you must be affiliated with a British Columbia First Nation.

6 Q. If I do art in more than one field could I submit samples of the work in each field?
A. Yes, but you may only send a total of ten visuals for ALL your work.

7 Q. What is ‘media art'?
A. BC First Nations Artists working in media art are those whose work is created with new media technologies, including digital art, computer graphics, computer animation, virtual art, Internet art, interactive art technologies, computer robotics, and art as biotechnology.

8 Q. Can I update a previously submitted package?
A. Yes. All submissions have a life of 3 jury cycles (the year of first submission, and two further years beyond that). You may update your package using our online form and selecting “Updating previous submission”. It is not necessary to update the entire package – you may choose just to update your “Artist’s Statement” or just your images. Please ensure you provide a new Visual List to accompany images where necessary.

9 Q. When will I find out if I have been successful?
A. In the Fall of 2019, the jury will review all submissions and choose up to five recipients. All artists will be contacted soon after, via email, to inform them as to whether or not they have been successful with their application. The decision of the jury is final.

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BC Creative Achievement Award for First Nations Art

  • 2019 Recipients
  • Gus Cook
  • Henry Green
  • Maynard Johnny, Jr.
  • Doreen Manuel
  • Michelle Stoney

Past Award Recipients

Lifetime Achievement Award