Outstanding BC Applied Artists and Designers Honoured with Carter Wosk Award

The British Columbia Achievement Foundation announced the recipients of the 2019 Carter Wosk Award for Applied Art and Design.

"British Columbia’s world-leading artistic, cultural and creative industries contribute to our province’s prosperity and climate of innovation," said Lisa Beare, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture. "This year, once again, the Carter Wosk Award recipients exemplify BC’s creative spirit. These artists and designers inspire others and attract global recognition."

Recipients of the 15th annual award program are selected by jury and include:
• Morgan Mallett, Fashion Design
• Sholto Scruton, Industrial Design
• McCauley Wanner + Ryan Palibroda, Fashion Design

"The 2019 recipients of the Carter Wosk Award demonstrate creative and practical originality in their work making functional art," said Foundation Chair, Anne Giardini. "Whether through clothing, furniture, prosthetic covers or ceramics, these artists are creating remarkable objects that are both beautiful and useful," she added.

The above artists and designers were selected by jury members Stefanie Dueck, metal artist, and past recipient; Marie Khouri, sculptor, and past recipient; Ron Kong, craft advocate; and Nik Rust of Propellor Design, multi-disciplinary design studio and past recipient.

The Board of the BC Achievement Foundation named Gordon Hutchens as the 2019 Award of Distinction Laureate honouring his career as a master potter.

The work of the 2019 awardees will be showcased at The Roundhouse in a public art exhibit from November 23rd through November 27th, 2019. BC Achievement is grateful to The Roundhouse as its event partner, Georgia Straight as its media partner and Denbigh Fine Art Services as its exhibition partner.

The Carter Wosk Award is named in honour of BC philanthropist, academic and visionary Dr. Yosef Wosk, Ph.D., OBC and Sam Carter, BC educator, designer and curator.


Morgan Mallett, Fashion Design
Morgan Mallett's unique and varied design practice reflects her eclectic background in graphic design and illustration. Her studio Design + Conquer (DC) is best described as a breakaway design faction. Charting new territory through the use and creation of innovative materials and methods, DC’s work blurs design disciplines. All of the garments in DC's Sewless collection are made from sustainable Portuguese cork fabric using tabs, slits and scoring instead of traditional sewing methods. Morgan's cross-disciplinary and collaborative design practice leads the way as her accessories and garment designs have been featured in editorials, retail stores, and museums around the world.

Sholto Scruton, Furniture and Industrial Design
With an educational background in painting, sculpture and industrial design Sholto Scruton’s work is always practical, ethical and poetic. He is a seasoned furniture maker, having learned from his father, uncle and grandfather. Since 2001, Sholto has been dedicated to designing exceptional furniture and public installations. His career includes beautifully detailed wooden furniture, customized metal structures for public spaces, and exciting and engaging pieces for museum exhibitions. The focus of Sholto’s work is on people and how they use and interact with their environment. His commitment to social and environmental responsibility is apparent in all his projects, as he uses local crafts people along with regionally sourced natural materials to achieve a beautiful and intended design integration.

McCauley Wanner and Ryan Palibroda, Industrial Design
Victoria based McCauley Wanner and Ryan Palibroda, of Alleles Design Studio, create prosthetic covers for amputees transforming something mechanical into something "mechani-chic". McCauley has a background in industrial design/ux/fashion, while Ryan has a background in fine art and architecture. The duo met while completing graduate degrees at the University of Calgary in 2011 and based their business on McCauley's Industrial Design thesis. The result is unique and beautiful prosthetic covers that are individual works of art, as well as a life-changing product that goes beyond regaining functionality. Their goal is to help clients fulfill an emotional need while regaining confidence through self- expression from the custom designed pieces. McCauley and Ryan have received international recognition through museum exhibitions and fashion shows for their innovative methodology and commitment to the environment.

Award of Distinction: Gordon Hutchens, Ceramics
Gordon Hutchens first became intrigued with pottery at the age of 14 during a visit to Japan where he watched potters at work and saw the revered position of pottery in that culture. Following this path, Gordon studied ceramics at the University of Illinois and, for the last 46 years, he has gained a reputation as a master of his craft in British Columbia. Gordon is also an esteemed instructor sharing his knowledge throughout the province, across Canada and internationally through classes, workshops and exhibitions. Since 1999 he has taught ceramics at North Island College, School of Fine Art and Design. Based on Denman Island, Gordon produces a variety of work from sculptural to functional and utilizes an extremely broad range of techniques. His studio is open to the public where museum quality pieces among more utilitarian works can be viewed. Gordon formulates and blends all his own clay bodies using many different clays from across North America as well as clay from his own property. His work is well known for the depth and diversity of his glazes and the strength and refinement of his forms. Gordon’s pottery allows everyday objects to transcend their practical nature with magic and beauty.

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