Yosef’s Comments at The Carter Wosk 9th Annual British Columbia Creative Achievement Awards for Applied Art and Design

November 20th, 2013

(Based on an earlier conversation with Wayne Ngan: — I dedicate these words to the Arts of Alchemy, to the Tree and the Hawk…)

How wonderful to be a part of this gathering of extraordinary artists!
Many people think that the creative process is simply a matter of talent alone.
But we soon realize that creativity is not just defined by the rare gift that accompanies birth, nor is it simply inspiration or the occasional revelation of sacred vision; it is not necessarily studied technique or cultivated attitude, nor does it only dwell in the poles of studied formalism or a relaxed wabi sabi, the transcendent whimsy that adds relief to a "too-serious" effort.

There is another even more fundamental characteristic of the successful artist: not just the dream but also the labour, the daily dedication, the steady discipline to the craft, the respect for your tools and colleagues in the arts.

Some tension is always involved in life, but among you it is the creative tension.
It is the balance between love and judgment, between standing and falling, opening and closing, between sound and silence. Creative tension elicits a soulful sigh as it emerges — from the dance of fire, water, earth and air — concealed seed-like in the secret womb of your creative genius.

What you create is recognized for its intrinsic beauty, for the way that it expresses function as it is being clothed in a garment of surprising form that delights the one who encounters it and who then decides that he must embrace it, that she cannot live without it, and purchases it for home, for gift, business or museum.

The world is a better place because of your care for, and dedication to, design.
You are cultural heroes and we are forever indebted to you.

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