Eligibility & Information Required to Submit

Why Apply

The Carter Wosk Award advances the collective conversation around functional art and design. Applying for an award serves as a platform to communicate your work, vision and creativity. The process invites an opportunity for critical artistic reflection and exposes artists and designers to a wider audience. In addition:

  • Up to three recipients will each be awarded $2500 at a presentation ceremony and art exhibition event scheduled for Fall 2019.
  • Recipients will be granted the use of the Carter Wosk Award in Applied Art + Design seal to signify their creative excellence.

Who is Eligible

Citizens or permanent residents of Canada who have lived in BC for the past three years are eligible to apply. Self-nominations are accepted and encouraged. Posthumous nominations are not eligible.

What is considered "Applied Art"

Artists and designers whose work has a practical or functional application can be considered for this award. This includes, but is not limited to, furniture, textiles, jewellery, ceramics, weaving, glass, shoemaking, fashion, and industrial design.

Those who work in the fields of architecture, fine art, graphic or interior design are not eligible.

Selection of Recipients

The awards are adjudicated by a panel of experts in applied art and design based on the submissions received. The decision of the jury is final.

The selection will be based on the submission package and the criteria of creativity, originality, innovative approach, and aesthetics.

How to Apply

Submissions can be entered using the online form here.

Here is what constitutes a completed submission package:
  1. Reasons for Submission: describe why the submission should be considered for the award (max 500 words)
    • Consider addressing what makes the artistís or designerís work unique / interesting, how it contributes to the cultural economy of BC, who or what has influenced the artist / designer and how, why the jury should select this particular submission above the others.
    • If this is NOT a self-nomination, this description should include how the nominator knows the nominee.
  2. Biographical Information
    • Who is the artist / designer? Why do they do the work they do? How long have they been working in their field?
    • Also include the artistís / designerís educational and professional activities / affiliations, and significant projects, and/or an artist resume.
  3. Up to 10 visuals depicting a selection of recent work
    • JPEG, TIFF, PDF are acceptable file formats
    • Please provide high resolution images (each image should be 1MB+)
    • Visuals can be uploaded to the online form
  4. Visual List
    • For each image, please provide: title, date, medium and a short description
    • Please ensure it is clear which image refers to which description on the visual list (ie. name the images the same way on the list).

Please note: All submissions have a life of 3 jury cycles (the year of first submission and two further years beyond that.) You will be given the opportunity to update your submission in future if not selected in the first year.

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