British Columbia Creative Achievement Award of Distinction

Karl Stittgen
2009 Recipient

Karl Stittgen
On September 21, 2009 Karl Stittgen received the 2009 BC Creative Achievement Award of Distinction in Vancouver at the 5th annual presentation event for the BC Creative Achievement Awards for Applied Art and Design. A jeweller and goldsmith, Stittgen is being honoured for his profound and lasting impact on applied art and design in British Columbia. Stittgen began his career in Vancouver in 1954 and over several decades created an original and distinctive body of work inspired by the organic forms of nature, and the clean lines of architecture. His jewelry of gold, platinum, gemstones, pearls, ancient coins and artifacts earned him legions loyal customers and much critical acclaim during what some have called the golden age of design in Vancouver.

See Karl Stittgen's video from the Presentation Ceremony.

See Karl Stittgen's work.

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