About the Foundation

The British Columbia Achievement Foundation was launched to showcase the best of our province, inspire our young people and celebrate BC's great achievers. It is dedicated to celebrate and recognize British Columbia's spirit of excellence.

The Foundation is led by a board of directors from a broad cross section of British Columbians.

The Foundation offers the following awards:
British Columbia Community Achievement Award (launched 2003)
British Columbia Creative Achievement Award for Applied Art and Design (launched 2004)
British Columbia National Award for Canadian Non-fiction (launched 2004)
British Columbia Creative Award for First Nations Art (launched 2006)
Time to Read Award: The BC Achievement Foundation Award for Early Literacy (2007-2009)
British Columbia Aboriginal Business Award (launched 2008)

The British Columbia Achievement Foundation is an independent foundation, established with an endowment of $8 million from the province.

British Columbia Achievement Foundation
T. 604.261.9777 | Toll Free 866.882.6088 (in BC)
E. info@bcachievement.com